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Samman Tiranga is an initiative undertaken by Mr.Atul Anand Pandey & Team for spreading an awareness within citizens to show love and respect towards , the Indian Tricolour “ TIRANGA” National flag is the Pride of a Nation which instil the spirit of Patriotism in any citizen, the spirit to die for ones Nation.


  • I am a citizen of India, Tiranga is our National Flag,
  • The National Flag is the pride of our nation, which instils the spirit of patriotism in every citizen,
  • I solemnly take a pledge to respect my country and the National Flag,
  • I shall abide by the code of conduct to host the National Flag.

Our Vision

Samman Tiranga Foundation vision to Popularize the display of Tiranga by more citizens with love and respect like a soldier. Tiranga stands as a symbol of nationalism and freedom with a great sense of pride. Tiranga represents every Indian religion,language, culture and region. It is the greatest symbol of our 'unity in diversity'..

Our Mission

The Samman Tiranga Foundation Of India is an initiative to spread awareness of facts, code of conduct for the National Flag of India. It is an attempt to strive for the up-lifting of the true sense of nationalism and patriotism. The Tiranga embodies our modern democratic, secular and liberal values, which should be embraced by all Indians..

Code of Conduct

  • The Tiranga should be rectangular in shape with the length to width ration 2:3
  • The Tiranga should not be intentionally displayed with “Saffron” down
  • The Tiranga should not touch dirty ground , water & places
  • The Tiranga should not be used to cover any things or object
  • The Tiranga should not be used a damaged or disheveled
  • The Tiranga should not use as a potion of costume or uniform
  • The Tiranga should not be used in advertisements and promotion in media
  • The Tiranga should be in Saffron White and Green color only
  • The Tiranga should not create any illusion
  • The Tiranga should not be dirty and torn.

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Our Team

Our success depends on the strength of our team.Let's Meet our awesome team members

Lynda Smith

Mr.Atul Anand Pandey

Lynda Smith

Mr M.Prithivi Krishnan
Vice President

Our Activities

  • Tiranga Samman Yatra (All states of India)
  • Tiranga Day
  • Tiranga Festival
  • Tiranga Museum
  • Tiranga Exhibition (Display of Tiranga)
  • Acts for awareness
  • Tiranga Soldier Award
  • Collection of Old/Torn Flag
  • Gift a new Flag
  • Tiranga Soldier (Volunteer).


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